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Gordon-Smith Guitars are Handcrafted guitars made in England in the small town of Partington near Manchester. Established for more than 25 years now, it is the longest running contemporary guitar company in England. According to the USA produced magazine ‘Guitarmaker’ :

"Gordon-Smith Guitars are to England as Gibson Guitars are to the USA."

The company name is made up of the first name of one of the original partners “Gordon” and the last name of the other partner, obviously “Smith”. Only the Smith part of the partnership remains now, in the shape of John Smith.

By the way.  This is John pictured here.  Hey come on, he builds a great guitar.  You can't expect good looks as well !  On fear of reprisal I must also add that John is ably assisted by his long suffering wife (her words not mine), Linda Smith.

John Smith is a remarkable luthier and Gordon-Smith Guitars are fine examples of his craftsmanship. They are attractive, solidly built, practical, well designed, yet simple and extremely playable. But yet still reasonably priced for working musicians. I take a quote from John here, taken again from the ‘Guitarmaker’ Magazine. He says.

  “We like to make guitars not furniture, our products are like the Zippo lighter, there’s nothing to go wrong, so it doesn’t”

It is true to say that the guitars have been the workhorses of many British pro and semi-pro bands over the past 25 years and quite a few in Europe as well. Also with the birth of the internet, quite a few enquiries and sales are now materializing from Canada and the USA. It appears that our colonial cousins know a good thing when they see it.  Especially when it comes to guitars.

OK, Enough waffle. Take a look at the range and when you find the model that’s right for you, talk to your dealer and they will be only too pleased to assist you in anyway they can.....

If we can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to call, write, fax, e-mail, carrier pigeon or whatever turns you on. For now, take care, be happy and enjoy yer music.

Dave McCawley - Gordon-Smith Guitars

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