In this section we will feature accessories such as Gig bags, Cases, Straps etc.  Some available with the Gordon-Smith logo.

Also from time to time when available, we will offer "Show" guitars which have had a fair amount of exposure at shows, or guitars which have marks due to careless handling, etc.  All offered "as seen", at a discount to normal RRP.    Other than of course the marks indicated, all instruments will come with usual GSG guarantee.

Guitars on Sale.         Gig bags.        Guitar Cases.     Guitar Straps.  


Guitars on Sale.

GS2, P90 pickups, Natural Finish.   RRP  580.00    (SOLD)

Great example of this guitar.  Plays like a Gordon-Smith should and to be honest it needn't be on this page at a discount.  But it went out to a retailer for a customer approval and six weeks down the line the customer had still not turned up.  I think the expression is "time waster".  Unfortunately whilst in the shop it sustained the tiniest of dinks, hey it happens and no blame on the lads in the shopBut consequently it's some one's lucky day.   As you can see by the pictures (the dink is on the small photo), the mark is almost invisible.  In fact it took me a while to find it when I took the photo and I knew where it was!   So, get in quick and save a juicy 85.00.

Buy this beauty for just 495.00!!!  An absolute bargain price for this superb guitar!!


GS2 Deluxe-Wine Red-with Vibrato.   RRP  679.00.

I can't believe we did this again.  Customer ordered a trem, then changed his mind.  Some idiot forgot to alter his order sheet.  Yep, you've guessed, it was me!  It wasn't until John had fitted it that I remembered.  Oops! Too late!!  Well, every cloud has a silver lining they say.  The silver lining in this case is that some one is going to get a stunning guitar and save a 100.00 in the process.  Once again, don't thank me.  Once again, I'm just that kinda guy.  Once again, I'm probably going to get the bloody sack for this!  So take advantage now whilst I'm still around.

Buy this beauty for just 579.00!!!  An absolute bargain price for this superb guitar!!


Gypsy 2-Tunamatic Bridge, Wine finish.  RRP:  671.00.

This guitar has tiny marks ( approx 2mm round), one on the front and two on the back. They are only visible close up as you can see by the photos.  They're nothing really, just appears to be something in the wood that refuses to take the colour completely.  Obviously doesn't affect playability at all and the guitar plays as it should and comes with all usual guarantees.  It's a great guitar and somebody is going to get a great bargain here..  Grab this one quick, I don't think it will be here for long.

Available as seen at 570.00  ( + half price gig bag if required).    




Galaxy Semi Acoustic in Natural Finish.   RRP:  927.00

This is a beautiful example of a Galaxy in semi acoustic version.   Unfortunately, in a careless moment, glue was allowed to seep from the neck joint and has caused a small amount of discolouring at the joint.  Hey, it's nothing and can only be seen by the guy (or gal ) actually holding the instrument  Still, it means someone is going to get a nice bargain.  Save a massive 150.00 on the normal price.  Usual guarantees apply.

Buy this monstrous guitar for all the sevens.  777.00

Graduate 60 in Cherry Sunburst.  RRP:  771.00.    (SOLD)

This is a great guitar with a really nice top.  Unfortunately, on close examination I spotted two tiny flecks under the finish.  One on the front just below the strap button and one on the back near the control cover plate. They are both very tiny. Especially the front one as you can see by the pictures.  I'm probably being a bit too picky here, but my loss is your gain.  Save a huge 106.00 on this guitar.

Grab a bargain At only  665.00.  Yowser!!





Rok Sak-EG20 Gig bag. (Available with or without Gordon-Smith Logo).

33.95 (carriage paid).


Ritter Gig Bags. (Ritter Logo only)

RCG 4006E.  (15mm padding.)  23.95. (carriage paid).


RCG 5006E.  (20mm padding.)    28.95.  (carriage paid).

RCG 7006E.  (25mm Padding).    33.95.  (carriage paid).







Guitar Cases.

Gator Cases.

Gator's molded guitar cases are made of the finest ABS plastic with ultra-strong extruded aluminum valance.  Unique to Gator is a through-bolted system that attaches the exterior plastic to the interior foam, making this case much more rugged than other manufacturers plastic cases.  The interior is designed to keep your instrument safe, with EPS foam creating support for the neck and a thick plush interior that delicately protects the instrument.  These cases also have an interior pocket and triple plated chrome locking catches.  Universally designed and now manufactured for almost every style, these cases are sure to be a perfect fit for your cherished instrument.

OK.  That's the blurb from the manufacturers brochure.  Our blurb;  we like 'em, we use 'em.

Model:  GC Elec-A.  55.95  + 7.00 subsidised Carriage.

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Guitar Straps.

These genuine leather straps are manufactured for us by a British company based near Leeds.  With the Gordon- Smith logo subtly embossed in gold.  We may from time to time alter the designs as demand dictates, but for now we hope you like the selection shown below.  Prices include delivery.

           AM4                    AM5                      AM6                     AM7              AM11              AM12   
        Discontinued           Discontinued          Discontinued          Discontinued        Discontinued       Discontinued 

Free Delivery on Straps .

More Straps:

           AM21                AM23                 AM27                  AM28                 AM31                   AM83  
       Discontinued          Discontinued          Discontinued          Discontinued         Discontinued           Discontinued 

Free Delivery on Straps.

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